Oil Extraction

New Holland Extraction Ltd to streamline its Laboratory processes with WeLIMS

New Holland Extractions Ltd (NHE) is a specialist in the extraction of niche market oils from seeds including rosehip, evening primrose and borage. The oils are further processed before entering the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. With over 20 years of experience in the field, NHE has built a reputation for delivering high-quality products and services to its customers.

One of the key factors that sets NHE apart from its competitors is its use of WeLIMS, a state-of-the-art laboratory information management system. WeLIMS is a cloud-based platform that allows NHE to streamline its laboratory operations, from sample tracking and management to data analysis and reporting.

WeLIMS has a range of features that make it an essential tool for NHE's laboratory operations. For example, the system allows NHE to manage sample information from receipt to dispatch, ensuring that all data is captured and stored securely. WeLIMS also provides real-time access to data, allowing NHE's quality and technical teams to monitor experiments and make informed decisions quickly.

In addition, WeLIMS has powerful reporting capabilities, which enable NHE to generate comprehensive reports on its laboratory operations. This feature is particularly useful for quality control and regulatory compliance, as it allows NHE to demonstrate its adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Overall, WeLIMS has been an invaluable tool for NHE, allowing the company to streamline its laboratory operations, improve data management and analysis, and demonstrate its commitment to quality and regulatory compliance. As NHE continues to grow and expand its operations, WeLIMS will undoubtedly play a vital role in ensuring its continued success.