Small companies too need a LIMS

Small companies need a LIMS

Date: February 7th, 2021.

Author: Herve Morvan

Small companies don’t usually have the budget for an expensive LIMS with a multitude of complex processes and features, yet they still need to be organized and efficient in the Quality Control area.

Often, small companies rely on spreadsheets and notebooks to keep track of their quality which can be risky business.

If you are a small company, there’s no need to invest in an expensive LIMS, just to find out that you only really use the basic features and that the parametrization is too demanding. Rather than spend weeks fine tuning the tool to customize it to your company’s processes, check out WeLIMS!

At WeLIMS, we pride ourselves in making things simple for small companies who aspire to have a Quality Control process that is organized and productive. No parametrization is necessary. Just log in and start entering your data! Our tool is 100% free and contains everything you need to manage your QC process!