Security, Roles, Language

WeLIMS integrates the need to control who accesses the system (Identification) and who does what (Authentication).  The Administrator has the authority to create, edit and delete the profiles of his team and the rights and roles associated with these profiles.  The access rests on a User / Password  identification enhanced by an anti-hacker mechanism that each failed access increases the time the page will allow for a new log in attempt. On top of that, the Admin can restrict the ip addresses from which a specific user can connect. Once identified the user can access all the menus associated with his/her profile in the language of his/her choice.

Administrator management? YES

ip restriction YES

Security enhancement YES

Role-based profile YES

Configurable Roles and security YES

Translation YES

Version control? YES

Automatic data backup? YES

Sample, inventory, and data management

Sample workflows are fully configurable from No workflow to very complex (reception, storage, extraction...) so WeLIMS can really adapt to your processes and not the other way around. 

Sample login and management? YES

Sample tracking? YES

Sample and/or result batching? YES

Task and event scheduling? YES WITH DEVELOPMENT

Option for manual result entry? YES

Multiple data viewing methods? YES

Data and trend analysis? YES

Data and equipment sharing? YES WITH DEVELOPMENT

Customizable fields and/or interface? YES

Query capability? YES

Import data? YES

Export data to MS Excel? YES

Raw data management? YES

Data warehouse? YES

Inventory management? YES

Document creation and/or management? YES

Workflow management? YES

Specification management? YES

Customer and supplier management? YES

Billing management? YES

Quality, security, and compliance

WeLIMS motto 'Quality by design', highlights the constant care we put in our development processes to ensure traceability, audit trail, and chain of custody. 


Regulatory compliance? YES

QA / QC functions? YES

Performance evaluation? YES

Audit trail? YES

Chain of custody? YES

Reporting, barcoding, and printing

WeLIMS has plenty of default reports already pre-loaded and will design specific reports tailored to your business needs


Custom reporting? YES

Report printing? YES

Label support? YES

Barcode support? YES

Export to PDF? YES

Export to MS Word? YES

Export to HTML and/or XML? YES

Fax integration? NO

Email integration? YES

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