Pic It. Document your QC with pictures!

WeLIMS just integrated very cool features !!!

Date: April 26th, 2021.

Author: Herve Morvan

"OMG! I wish out LIMS had that functionality!», says Joel F.

Joel F, who is participating in a demo of the latest WeLIMS version (1.02.04), is the Laboratory Manager of a global Nail Polish manufacturer established in New Jersey. The features he is all excited about are called “Pic It”. Pic It allows the user to take a picture and download it into the batch data directly. Just like you would take a picture and publish it onto your Facebook feed... “This is an absolutely amazing feature. In our business color is everything. If I had that, my team would be able to document why we approve or reject a batch!”.

Joel F continues to think out loud: “Can you run it on a tablet or a smartphone?”

The answer is Yes! WeLIMS runs on every tablet, smartphone and PC (Windows, Linux and OS) so that may open WeLIMS on your mobile device and download the pictures easily! Other types of files are also easy to download into your batch data.

“That’s definitely THE feature I like. With this system, I could even send pre-approvals to our customers. We could simplify our processes and save many tedious hours of work every day!”

Joel F is a fast thinker and immediately thinks of the benefits he could get from WeLIMS. His current LIMS system is one of the best ranking LIMS on the market and costs thousands of dollars every year in licence fees. “Overall it is difficult to handle because it contains many features that are not needed in our business. So just navigating the system, locating your batch and entering data is a multiple step process! Sometimes I need to add comments to a batch but it’s useless in a color world. What you need is a picture! I really need to talk to my boss about WeLIMS!”

Joel F describes a familiar situation. Companies that can, will spend a hefty sum to get a standard LIMS system. That system is very expensive because it is designed for big companies. However, smaller companies end up paying for features that not only they never use but make their process less efficient. See WeLIMS blog #1.

Pic It is just one of many practical features installed on WeLIMS.

Pic It will help your teams perform efficient Quality Control and take the right decision based on the right input.

WeLIMS runs on any device, 24/7, available in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and French) and is Free!

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