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Seido Labs is improving their processes with WeLIMS.

Seido Testing Laboratories, Inc. announces with great excitement, its partnership with ML Consulting Technologies LLC (MLCT), a NJ-based software company. "WeLIMS from MLCT stood out because of its unique ability to adapt and meet our business requirements," says Vickie Sly from Seido Labs.

President John Otsuki, explains that it was difficult to find a LIMS with everything they wanted and only what they wanted. “We don’t need the extra accessories offered by larger corporate LIMS. Yet, we must be very organized and efficient when it comes to keeping track of our customer’s orders, samples, and results”.

WeLIMS comes with all the typical modules and workflows (Orders Management, Samples Management , Analysis Management, Equipment Management, etc…) and is then configured and fine-tuned to the requirements of the customer. Seido Labs and the MLCT team are working on some developments that will add specific features needed.

“MLCT has an individualized and prescriptive approach that is tailored to our needs. The WeLIMS team works closely with us to design a LIMS that allows our company to reach its fullest potential in productivity and efficiency!” says Otsuki.