Technology Update

Semitech is improving its processes in order to better serve their customers

Semitech is proud to always think out of the box and find new ways to improve our services. Reliability and timeliness is the blueprint of Semitech. Our people, our processes, and our core values are all about bringing our customers exceptional value, by delivering on time and with outstanding measurement precision. These core values helped us keep our leadership on the market since 1990! For this, we are grateful to our exceptional employees and management.

The next phase for us is to enhance our processes with the newest technologies. Semitech has contracted with ML Consulting, a young company located in NJ - US, that specializes in LIMS development. "This new LIMS will enable our teams to be more productive. We expect to improve our administrative cycle time by more than 50% with regard to order management. That's huge!" says Miguel Vecchionacce, Executive Director. "We also will have a much better control of our analytical process, and this is key in an ISO 17025 environment"