The Company

We are a company with values

  • At ML Consulting Technologies LLC, we believe that acting with utmost integrity at all times is always the best choice for long-term success.

  • We are constantly learning and working to improve ourselves, our team, our product, and our processes.

  • We have a passion for industry and never miss a chance to make things simpler and more productive.

  • We small but we have an incredible knowledge in the industry and in Industrial software

  • We value efficient processes, clear ideas, and simple and powerful product features.


Industry Software needs to be efficient, user friendly, cost effective and customizable. We draw from over 25 years of experience in several industry where our team was in charge of all the departments of a modern company (R and D to Quality Control, Production, Engineering and Warehousing).

WeLIMS comes from several experience as Quality Manager for different companies in different industry sectors where we could improve the whole QC process with efficient software.