WeLIMS is built on Oracle APEX

WeLIMS is built with Oracle Apex

Date: March 4th, 2021.

Author: Herve Morvan

It might sound secondary but it is actually very important. WeLIMS is built with Oracle APEX.

When you buy a car or a house, you want to know what it is made of. Aspect can look nice but what about the backbone. What materials is it made of…? It matters because what looks nice today might not be so nice tomorrow.

Scaling Up, adding new functionalities, deploying on new sites, or adapting to your new processes are a few of the many changes your application will need to go through over the years. You want to be able to count on a robust software and be assured that it can be upgraded if needed.

If your application is coded in some “not so common” language or uses a non standard database, it will be difficult to maintain and to adapt. Developers will be hard to find and will cost more...

Similar to a house or a car, you want to invest in a solution that is durable and that will adapt to your business for the long run. You want to keep the costs of maintenance and upgrading down, while still being able to adapt to new requirements...Well, WeLIMS is made of Oracle. And that's good news. Oracle is the gold standard in the world of databases. And Apex is the low code development platform native to Oracle.

This means :

1- Your data are safe. And data is at the core of the business for a LIMS. Oracle database is the top Database Management System.

2- This Apex development environment is really powerful. It ranks among the best low code development platforms that more and more developers use. This means developers will always be able to develop and improve WeLIMS.